Are you a manufacturer? : Yes, we are. We make and sell masterbatch in and from our factory in Thailand. Being a manufacturer and a seller gives us the ability to control the quality of our products, lead time and cost.

What are your main products? : Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Filler Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch : Black Masterbatch, White Masterbatch.

Who are your customers? : Manufacturers of plastic products and trading companies.

What do they make? : Every type of everyday-use PE, HDPE, PP, HIPS plastic products including shopping bag, grocery bag, t shirt bag, fashion bag, garbage / bin / disposable bag, drinking straw, coffee straw, agricultural bag, industrial sack, rice sack, gravure sack, non woven sack / bag, car parts, car accessories, car bumpers, truck liners, HIPS furniture.

Do I need to adjust or invest in additional machines in order to use your products? : That is not necessary. Our Calcium Compound is like other filler masterbatches. Just add a desired percentage into your mixer.

Can you do OEM? : Absolutely. We are already doing it for our clients.

Can you make a customized formula? : Yes. Customization service is available upon request.

Where are you located? : Polypet is located in Samutprakarn, Thailand.

Do you have certifications for your products? : At your request we can provide SGS and TDS documents of each product to ensure that only high-quality, toxic free Calcium Carbonate Masterbatchand Color Masterbatch will arrive at your destination.

Is delivery service available? : Yes. All of our products are delivered using our own fleet of trucks to ensure the best lead time for our customers.

I'm interested in selling your products. Can I become a distributor? : Please send us a message or drop us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

Can you export? : Definitely. Please feel free to let us know where you want the product delivered.

Can I try your sample? : Absolutely. Please let us know the quantity.Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!