We are a manufacturer and seller of Calcium and Color Masterbatch in Thailand.

  With pressure from around the world regarding plastic waste and market price, using more environmental-friendly and cost saving raw materials have become one of the main priorities for manufacturers. Not only our Calcium Filler Masterbatch (CaCO3) and Color Masterbatch, can be used with a wide variety of plastic products and applications, it also will greatly reduce your production cost Furthermore, it is also proven that using Calcium Filler Masterbatch is more environmental friendly as Calcium is a natural resource made from lime stone. We are also a manufacturer of White masterbatch and Carbon black masterbatches made from high quality Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Carbon Black.

  As an experienced plastic compounder in Thailand, our products cover all the basic and special types of masterbatch. Our base polyolefin is ranged from PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) to HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). We also use performance polymer like Vistamaxx™ and other additives to include the properties of our masterbatches. TDS (Technical Data Sheet) and SGS documents for each product is available upon request.

Applications that can be made using our products:

PE / HDPE: All types of Polyethylene Bags including T-Shirt bag, Shopping bag, Grocery bag, Disposable bag (Garbage / Bin bags), PE Gallons, Woven Bags, HDPE Pipe, Plastic Pallets, etc.

PP : PP Woven Bags and sacks including Agricultural woven bag and Industrial woven bag, Plastic ropes, Plastic chairs, Cloth hanger, Plastic pot, PP strapping Band, PP Sheet or Future board, Household Appliances, etc.,

Calcium Masterbatch

Economical and environmental-friendly filler masterbatch. Can be used with a wide range of plastic products including Grocery bag, Shopping bag, T Shirt bag, HDPE Garbage bag, Plastic pallet, Plastic pipe, Car accessory, Car part, Truck liner, Woven bags such as Industrial bag, Agricultural bag, Rice sack, Soil sack, Every type of straws such as Drinking straw, Coffee straw etc or truck liners.

Easy to use. Truly a cost saving material.

Carbon Black Masterbatch

High opacity masterbatch that gives extra darkness to the finished product that can be used with a wide variety of applications. The typical applications are those made from HDPE and PP olefins such as Disposable bag (Garbage / bin bag), Car accessories, Car parts such as Truck liners and Rail guard.

We have different ranges of Carbon Black Masterbatch available up to customer's needs.

White Masterbatch

Made from high quality Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) for a maximum and the purest whiteness. It is suitable for plastic products that need additional whiteness. Like all of our masterbatches, our White Masterbatch is also versatile in usage. Typical products that can add our White Masterbatch are drinking straws, non woven bag, agricultural bag, rice sack, Hi Impact Polystyrene furniture.